our projects

The Film

Citizen Tasmania

Citizen Tasmania, the film, was funded by the Sandy Duncanson Social Justice Bursary from the University of Tasmania. It provides an insight into the human rights stories of ten Tasmanians from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Want to organise a viewing? Citizen Tasmania helps organise viewings of all sizes throughout the state so that the film is accessible to all Tasmanians. Viewings are accompanied by guided discussions that address some of the issues that the film touches on to encourage the development of a safe space where people can share their own human rights stories and question what it means to be a Tasmanian citizen in our present time.


Lectures and WORKSHOPS

Citizen regularly gives talks and lectures throughout Tasmania in a variety of institutions. These lectures focus on Tasmanian human rights stories, contextualising  them in a broader sphere  and encouraging discussions about human rights law. 

If you would like to have Citizen present a lecture in your workplace, school or community please contact us.

The Book

Together we Stand

Together We Stand is the companion book to Citizen Tasmania (the film). The book contains highlights from each of the stories, reflections from the filmmakers and the full United  Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

All money from sales of this book go towards Citizen Tasmania and enable us to continue building on our projects. To purchase a copy please contact us or come to a screening.  


PostCards For Human Rights

Citizen Tasmania is building relationships with schools to deliver kid-friendly human rights sessions and encourage students to learn about human rights law and violations in Tasmania. After the lecture we encourage the students to write to their local member about a human rights issue that they are passionate about. Citizen then delivers these postcards to local members.

If your school would like to be involved please contact us.