Who we are

Our Mission

To create a society that upholds human rights through education, story-telling and advocacy.  

Our Story

On the 1st of May 2018, we invited Tasmanians to share their human rights stories. Funded by the Sandy Duncanson Social Justice Bursary from the University of Tasmania, we traveled around the state collecting stories from people of diverse backgrounds.
Since the film was completed, Citizen has grown as a project. We engage with schools and communities to encourage discussion and education about human rights. Above all, Citizen aims to connect people so that together we can build a society that upholds human rights. 

Our Core Values

Citizen is a space to discuss human rights stories and question what it means to be a citizen in our present time. Through storytelling we build capacity within communities to engage with human rights issues and challenges.

  • We believe that all people deserve freedom from oppression.
  • We believe in justice by way of social and legal reforms.
  • We believe in the equality of all people.
  • We believe in the power of citizens engaged in democracy.
  • We believe in The Uluru Statement From the Heart.


Grace Willliams

Grace Williams is a writer and a student of Law, Politics, Economics and Philosophy at the University of Tasmania. Grace uses story telling as a social justice advocacy tool through various mediums, including film, radio and written work to build inclusive communities.  Her academic interest is primarily focused on the intersection between human rights law and practise. To cultivate human rights friendly cultures, Grace addresses the huge gaps between the law and the common practices in the political, economic and social sphere that diminish the implementation of human rights law. 

Sharon Wright

Sharon Wright has worked for many years in the international humanitarian space and is  committed to supporting others gain human rights, including dignity and respect. Sharon is passionate about access to quality and relevant education for all, and the right to safety,  protection and social justice.


Daisy Kateros

Daisy Kateros is a final year of law student at the University of Tasmania who is passionate about human rights. For Daisy human rights are about the acknowledgement and promotion of the fundamental truth that all people are equal and entitled to equal rights and treatment. The work done by Citizen Tasmania is important because it creates a pathway to the fruition of this idea in the Tasmanian community. By giving a voice to those people in the community who are disadvantaged and marginalised, the structural and legal issues in our community can be identified and given a face. This is special because it allows people to empathise and relate to these issues and the people that suffer from them. Further, Citizen Tasmania uses this close connection to the people of Tasmania suffering from breaches of human rights to guide its promotion of human rights. The work being done by Citizen Tasmania allows me to contribute to creating a truly egalitarian and humanitarian Tasmania through activism, advocacy and community-based solutions.

Julia Ma

Julia Ma was born in China and immigrated to Australia around 10 years ago. She is currently working at the Tasmanian Treasury as a Policy Analyst, after completing her undergraduate degree in Economics and Science. She believes human rights and the spread of knowledge is foundational to creating a modern economic system and public policy and knows that Citizen can have transformational effect on people’s wellbeing.

Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie

Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie is an artist, craftivist and community development worker. She believes strongly in the power of story sharing and that community is best built from the ground up. Emalia is a part of the Citizen Tasmania team because she is passionate about contributing toward creating an inclusive community that upholds and defends human rights.

Tim Cooper

Tim Cooper has a passion for photography, the arts, the process and the learning. He spends much of his time assisting causes he believes in, valuing Tasmania’s wilderness areas and providing a voice to those with stories to be told. He values Citizen as a space to learn of the social issues that are too regularly ignored and use his skills to promote change.

Caroline Kamanda

 Caroline Kamanda is a social worker, currently residing in Launceston. In 2017, she graduated from the University of Tasmania with the Bachelor of Social Work. Caroline has a keen enthusiasm to work with communities to promote and ensure the wellbeing of individuals and families by working for sustainable change through a holistic framework. Caroline’s values of hope, relationship, community, equity, human dignity empathy and care underpin her current work with Citizen.