— A Reflective Retreat

Our worlds are busy with opposing agendas, loud voices and rigid stances. They exhaust and violate us and yet we may find ourselves driven to add our voices, even shout them, into the strident cacophony.

We have a vision, hold a view, see an outcome, that the world needs. We think. Or we know. But how can we progress that vision without doing and repeating violence to others and to ourselves.

Can space be created to meet our yearnings for an enlarged place of respect within which to be seen and heard? Both for ourselves and for others with whom we may not find agreement.

Can no-nonsense kindness break through? Can we reduce the din and make progress?

Listening is the forgotten half of communication. With courage, wisdom and practised intention we can attentively listen to, be present to, and hold the thoughts shared by another without judging, defending or losing clarity in a wash of strong emotion.

Practice of such presence and listening is a gift to us, to others, and to our world. It is other-minded. It is intentionally benevolent. It is firm gentleness and kindness. It can open new landscapes and horizons from which creative solutions and opportunities arise.

Courage to Create Change is a Circle of Trust® retreat. It will create safe space within a small intentionally-gathered community. Using safe and powerful method it will explore the concepts of courage and change and deepen our insights into our personal engagement with them. It will gently and privately reveal our barriers and challenges as well as our strengths and hopes. It will give understanding and practice of the ways these gathered insights might flow into life beyond to enrich our workplace, home and community living.

At a gentle pace in a tranquil setting, all activities are by invitation in an atmosphere of collegial enquiry. The methods of Circles of Trust focus kindly and unthreateningly upon the integrity and core values of the whole person. They give attention to individual identity and frame our visions for creating change as generous courage within the roles and responsibilities that fill our lives.


Courage to Create Change is a reflective-dialogue retreat in which participants will experience safety and challenge to explore their personal and professional questions of courage and change – wellsprings of leadership. It is a joint offering of Grace Williams, Founder of Citizen Tasmania and Rosie Martin, Facilitator of Circles of Trust.

The conversation and activities of Courage To Create Change are dialogic rather than didactic. Participants are supported to reflect on their connection to courage and change and to draw-out the insights of their own stories, inner resources and personal wisdoms; as well as to experience insights and development through witness of the stories of others.

The retreat is paced to support relationship formation, deep listening and reflection. It takes actual time to build relational trust, think deeply and process arising insights. Time is enfolded as an essential component in the process of Courage To Create Change.

Also essential is the upholding of the honour and integrity of each participant. Structured upon the non-violating principles of Parker J. Palmer’s Centre for Courage & Renewal, Courage To Create Change will give experiences that are vibrant, spacious, relationally connected, and transformational.


The objectives of Courage To Create Change are to:

Gather a small, diverse cohort of leaders and others to participate in a reflective dialogue across three days about courage and change as ways of being and seeing.

Increase participants’ understanding of the attitudinal structure of courage and change.

Increase participants’ understanding of the agency of courage – when integrated with action – to support cultures of change for wellbeing and values-driven leadership.

Through shared story, increase participants’ understanding of courage and change from multiple points of view and diversity of lived experiences.

Enhance participants’ experiences and skills in deep listening.

Enhance participants’ valuing of deep listening experiences across diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives.

Build participants’ ability to identify safe space and hold it for others.

Provide participants with opportunity for safe, guided reflection upon their personal experiences of courage and change.

Provide participants with opportunity for safe, guided reflection upon their personal barriers and triggers regarding courage and change.

Provide participants with tools to develop relational trust and leadership within their workplaces and communities; and beyond into their personal lives as both family members and contributing citizens.


Date: 20th – 22nd November 2020
Place: tbc
Cost: tbc

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Courage & Renewal Facilitator

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