The Atrocities of War

‘Human rights is a right that you have irrespective of your culture, gender, your beliefs and you need it’

The Armenian Genocide

‘If you don’t remember and acknowledge then you keep repeating the same thing, which is happening all over the world’

The Quiet Battles

‘I don’t think you have to be disabled or from another country to have a human rights issue, anybody could have a human right issue. The Human Rights Act would make everybody feel included and a part of the community and know that there is something that they can use if they need to because it could happen to anybody.’​’

The Survival of Culture

‘Come to Australia, everyone gets for fair go, but that does not include indigenous people.’

The Stories of the Stateless

‘When I first arrived in Launceston in December 2010 I feel like this is my country, I am proud to say I’m Australian.’​

The Fight for Democracy

‘I don’t think being quite is a good thing, people are dying if we don’t speak who is going to speak?’​

The Rights of Children

‘I think a lot of people are too scared to come forward.’​

The Global Migration Crisis

‘Stateless people are like ghost we know that they are there, but we are not recognising them.’​

The Global Family

‘I am a member of humanity, one world, one family – we are all one people.’​​

The Triumph of Compassion

‘Make compassion the default in our society.’​​​